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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Accessories to Enhance your Outfit

Accessories, I didn't love them until the start of this year when I was gifted the perfect 'Mini Lily' Mulberry bag. It was my birthday when I was brave enough to take it out of the duster bag and actually wear it. I put it on and immediately saw the difference it had made to my outfit. From that moment on I've become more conscious of bags and shoes- styling them to match the outfit instead of grabbing anything in sight! 

Accessories can tie the outfit together by complementing the colour palette, or steal the show and make an otherwise plain outfit look bold. 

I've wanted to style this bag for so long! It's perfect in every way. Its structured shape is a stark contrast to its playful exterior of millennial pink and accompanied embroidery. It's characteristic's make it the perfect item to enhance your outfit, it's the type of bag that catches people's eyes. If you were to take this bag away from my outfit it would look bare and as if no effort were made, put the bag in the equation and the outfit looks more put together and complete. 

This M&S bag has been so popular that they decided to restock after being sold out for a couple of months! 

I'm sure you've seen the Gucci loafers by now if not type it in on Instagram and 26,646 posts come up...and counting. Unfortunately, I can't afford the price tag of actual Gucci loafers so I set out to find a dupe and was surprised to find these ones in Peacocks! I completely get that they're not everyone's cup of tea but I think they really make an outfit look more stylish and on trend- especially when pairing them with a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit.

Style them with cropped trousers to add emphasis and stick to a neutral colour palette for a more high fashion look or clash patterns for a bold and daring look. 

Outfit Linked Below |
Denim Jacket Bershka
Tshirt M&S 
Jeans Bershka
Shoes Peacocks
Bag M&S

Monday, 17 July 2017

Lavender Fields at Castle Farm

On Sunday I visited the biggest lavender farm in the UK and it was exactly what you imagine it to be; stunning hues of purple accompanied by glorious scents filling the entire valley.

Castle Farm is located in Sevenoaks, Kent and is free to park and wander around the farm. There is an adorable coffee cart selling the smoothest coffee and biscuits (lavender flavoured, naturally). As well as, a farm shop selling ice creams and bunches of lavender, which would look lovely in anyone's kitchen.

In the UK the weather is surprisingly still rather hot, however, sometimes it can get muggy which is where kimonos have become a real hero in my wardrobe. They're light, moveable and add interest to any outfit. Patterned kimonos should be the main focus so, the outfit should be kept simple for a day out.

This look is a bit of a casual one but you could easily dress the kimono up with a pair of nude heels and a pretty lace black top and black skinny jeans, or bring it in at the waist with a belt for more structure.

Outfit Linked Below |

Kimono New Look 
T- Shirt M&S
Jeans Bershka 
Sandals New Look
Bag Mango


Saturday, 8 July 2017

Relax with the Sweet Lullaby Range, Lola's Apothecary

Turn your bath into a sensory experience with indulgent fragrances from Lola's Apothecary. Honestly, the smell of the Sweet Lullaby collection is so intensely beautiful you could be standing in a field of lavender if you shut your eyes!

Free from synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, sulphates, parabens and other undesirable chemicals all their products are hand-crafted and formulated in their kitchen residing in the English countryside. Freshness and quality are at the forefront of the brand as they make micro batches to ensure they "encapsulate a miracle of nature: naturally active ingredients and potent botanical extracts are ethically sourced and thoughtfully blended to promote deep healing and radiance" (Lola's Apothecary).

Take a moment to unwind and relax with these products, especially the Sweet Lullaby scent. Designed to do exactly as the name suggests, run a warm bath add a few drops of the Soothing Bath Oil, close your eyes and switch off and forget about everything.

After using the bath oil for the first time my skin felt and smelt sensational, the aroma lingers long after your bath, which made for a lovely nights sleep. The oil can also be used whilst your in the shower acting as a deeper moisturiser with a more intense fragrance.

As for the Body & Massage Oil, need I say more? Even the name suggests its sensual and luxurious nature. This product really is the epitome of relaxing. Not to be applied if you are in a rush, you should take the time to apply and really allow the aroma to flood your room.

Not only are these skin care products so beautiful in nature, the packaging is equally amazing and luxurious and completely Instagramable, not to mention they look lovely displayed on the side of your bath!

Sweet Lullaby Soothing Body & Massage Oil
Sweet Lullaby Soothing Bath & Shower Oil

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Summer Outside but not in the Office, What to Wear

Surviving summer whilst working in an office can be hard, especially when it comes to your outfit. Your wardrobe becomes a minefield of doubt and confusion because although it's boiling outside (it hit 32 degress last weekend in England), your office has air con which is lovely... if you were a polar bear.

I have a solution that keeps you both cool during your commute in the glorious sunshine, or not so glorious if you're on public transport, and toasty warm in the office.

Layering! Whether you're male or female layering is key to surviving the office in the hot summer months. The beauty is that you can add as many or as little as you need to, depending on how cold the office is. There is an art to layering however; below I've put together a few tips to help you ace the art of workwear layering.

1. Only layer your tops!

2. Aim for a light- weight and neutral colour t-shirt for your base layer, often a tighter fit. This allows you to overlay with a shirt without worry that you'll look sloppy with an untucked t-shirt hanging out.

3. If you want to stop at the shirt then that's fine, if you're like me and get really cold, a high-neck jumper over a shirt is great for wearing in the office as it keeps you warm whilst looking professional with the addition of the collar detailing.

4. Your two base layers- t-shirt and shirt should be made of airy fabrics and it's ideal to opt for light colours, for a more comfortable commute.

5. Jewellery- if you are wearing a lot of basic and plain colours then your outfit may need some accessories to add interest. Opt for thin and delicate chains for your necklaces and bracelets to avoid them rubbing on your skin during the day.

As for your bottom half, I would recommend opting for a chino style or loose fitting trouser, as these are normally made of lighter fabrics and come in many different colours that are more fitting for the summer months.

Chinos are a great option, especially for men as they offer a more sophisticated look for the workplace, with similarities to the more commonly worn dark suit trouser!

Women in my opinion have it a lot easier in the summer, with more option in the form of skirts and dresses as well as trousers!

Remember to just have fun with your layering and keep in mind that you need to be both comfortable with each layer allowing you to move freely around the office and on your commute!

Outfit |

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T-Shirt M&S
Trousers Jacqueline de Yong & For Men, Bonobos.
Jumper Mango
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