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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Two Scents to Wear to Work

It's hot and you're stuck in a stuffy office staring out the window at endless possibilities, that you long to be doing but can't...because it's 3pm on Monday. Sound like you?

Stuffy offices are rare in England (it always rains), but when it does reach 30 degrees we have no idea how to cope! Heat means sweat, and sweat can lead to bad smelling odours, not terrible because hopefully you've showered and are wearing deodorant! If you are worried though, I have the solution which doesn't include wasting all your expensive perfume.

Zara's in-house fragrance collection is completely under-rated. They all smell delicious, with some great designer dupes which match up to the real deal. I picked these two out from the extensive range because they both have more summery notes to them.

The Oriental scent compared to the Floral is definitely more of a grown up and sophisticated scent, with a musky feel.

The Floral scent can be characterised as more playful and 'girly,' leaving you smelling fresh all day.

These fragrances are strong when you put them on at first but don't be alarmed they do level out during the day, only needing a top up towards the end of the day. Perfect for those days when you're stuck in a stuffy office and are worried about odour. The best thing about these scents is that they cost under a tenner and come in a rollerball option if these are too heavy to carry to work, absolutely perfect.

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Oriental by Zara
Floral by Zara


  1. Your photos are so cool! I have the Zara red vanilla fragrance and it's so good! They're so underrated x

    1. Thank you!! Aren't they amazing, and I actually think they last a lot longer than the designer ones you can find in Boots! xx


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