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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Transitional Scents

We're 3/4 through the year and we're in a state of transition; the leaves are turning a golden brown, it's becoming darker at night and Christmas is creeping ever closer. The perfect time to hit refresh on your wardrobe and even your beauty- more specifically, scent. 

I adore perfume, it's the one thing I never fail to leave the house without. I tend to change scents depending on the season. So, I thought I would give you a rundown of the scents I wear throughout the year. 

S P R I N G 

The scent of choice for the springtime is Dolce by Dolce&Gabbana. It's a very light and fresh floral scent, perfect to wear in the month associated with Spring Cleaning. Inspired by the fashion house's origins of Italy, this scent will transport you to a Mediterranean Italian garden with one spray and who doesn't want to be wandering around an Italian garden? 

It's soft, feminine and romantic. 

S U M M E R 

I feel like I go on about Zara's in-house perfumes...A LOT, but that's because I love them. The Oriental scent from their range is my Summer perfume of choice. It's caramel vanilla and woody undertones makes for a more sophisticated aroma which isn't too sweet but more glamorous. Making for the perfect summer scent to compliment daywear or a more dressy affair. 

It's glamorous, musky and sophisticated. 


The Trench is synonymous with Burberry and one of the reasons I reach of Brit Sheer in the autumn. I'm just imagining myself donning a trench, pairing it with a check scarf and running out the door after spraying my Burberry perfume. To cut it short, I always associate Burberry with Autumn. This scent to me is light and airy but with a slight warmth to it. It's an interesting scent that is sure to be noticed when worn, making it bold. This scent lingers throughout the day, perfect for when you're wearing layers! 

It's fruity, light and airy.


Winter brings the return of my ultimate favourite scent, Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone. It's sweet but this is balanced by a slight hint of spice. I love wearing this perfume during the winter, especially to restaurants and bars in the evening, it just compliments a dressy outfit! This scent will leave anyone wanting more; it's intense and impactful, yet mysterious and deep. 

It's intense, mysterious and sophisticated.

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